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GL-B1300 - Release Notes

V3.105 - Dec 8, 2020

Firmware file: qsdk-b1300-3.105.img

New features:

  • Supported traffic statistics in bridge mode
  • Supported OpenVPN bridge
  • Supported NextDNS personal ID
  • File sharing supported closing LAN sharing and supports shared folder selection
  • OpenVPN server supported CHACHA20-POLY1305 encryption
  • OpenVPN server supported Authentication option setting
  • Wireguard server supported local network access switch
  • The modem supported QCM protocol, SMS forwarding, adding Auth, Proto, TTL, and other configuration options (MIFI, X750, E750, X1200)
  • Supported MCU setting (E750)
  • Supported AdGuardHome (S1300)

Software Upgrade:

  • Openssl upgraded to 1.1.1d
  • Openvpn upgraded to 2.5.0


  • Optimized real-time traffic statistics and reduce CPU load
  • Optimized MQTT
  • Optimized 4G to WiFi speed (MIFI,X750,E750)
  • Optimized the number of X1200 5G client connections


  • Supported Russian
  • Fixed the problem of incomplete and inaccurate translation of some languages


  • Added VPN status indicator icon to the navigation page
  • Added quick navigation to Wireguard client commercial configuration
  • Removed the import method with JSON format in Wireguard client

Important bug fix:

  • Fixed the problem that AdGuardHome cannot be upgraded
  • Fixed MV1000 memory leak problem
  • Fixed tethering problem with iOS14 system
  • Fixed the problem that port 53 is exposed to the WAN after opening Override DNS Settings for All Clients
  • Fixed the problem that the client of the router cannot access the address of the Wireguard server when using Wireguard client
  • Fixed the problem that the Wireguard client AllowedIPs parameter does not take effect
  • Fixed the problem that Mullvad WireGuard needs to manually modify the MTU to 1380
  • Fixed the X1200 dual-module IP exchange problem
  • Fixed the problem that some websites cannot be opened after using VPN policy (AR750S, X1200)
  • Fixed other known issues

V3.104 - Aug 3, 2020

Firmware file: qsdk-b1300-3.104.img

New Features:

  1. Added a one-click channel optimization function.
  2. Added app status interface.
  3. Added DNS Encryption function.
  4. Added Tor function.
  5. Added internet kill switch function.
  6. Added default kernel package "kmod-nf-nathelper" to solve the problem that FTP server cannot be found.
  7. Added 'dataupload' and 'ping_addr' in mqtt.
  8. Added WiFi Range and support for rtty.
  9. Added Network diagnosis on web panel.

Fixed Problems:

  1. Fixed the problem that the web panel is unable to access due to 443,83,80 port settings of the vpn server.
  2. Fixed PPP CVE-8597 CVE-7982 security vulnerability.
  3. Upgrade 'option' module to solve the problem that EP06 not work with qmi mode and EC25 can't be recognized.
  4. Upgrade netifd, uqmi to fix the metric error with the route table of qmi.


  1. Optimized Wireguard auto-reconnect function.
  2. Optimized the VPN conflict testing.
  3. Optimized the port forwarding function.
  4. Upgrade wireguard, libustream, openvpn, uhttpd, dropbear.


  1. Changed tx power value to display by level.
  2. Disabled ipv6 function by default due to leak problem.
  3. Optimized wireless rate from setting mode to working mode and bandwidth mode.
  4. Modified the name of server zone.

V3.027 - Sep 16, 2019

Firmware file: qsdk-b1300-3.027.img

New Features:

  • Added Site to Site
  • Added Separation of front and rear ends
  • Added libustream-openssl module which support https firmware and package download
  • Upgrade libopenssl to improve openvpn performance


  • Removed MAC address check
  • Removed gl-autoupkg ipk auto re-install function

V3.022 - May 21, 2019

Firmware file:qsdk-b1300-3.022.img

New Features:

  • New UI 3.0, simpler and smoother operation.
  • WireGuard Client/Server pre-installed, which is compatible with third party azirevpn/mullvad service provider.
  • Support DNS over TLS from Cloudflare.
  • Support GL new Cloud.
  • Support GL new DDNS.
  • Added client management feature which includes QoS, traffic statistics and offline clients.
  • Added firewall settings page which includes port forward, open port and DMZ.
  • Added Hide SSID option and connecting to hidden SSID function.
  • Added guest Wi-Fi network.
  • Added keep installed packages when upgrade.
  • Added static IP address binding and custom DHCP range.
  • Added Captive Portal.
  • Support multiple languages.


  • Fixed security vulnerability.
  • Remove UPnP Server, PPTP, L2TP.