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GL-MT300N-V2 - Release Notes

V3.203 - Aug 3, 2021

OpenWrt Distribution:

  • Based on OpenWrt 19.07.7 (AR150,MIFI,AR300M,USB150,N300,AR750,AR750S,X750,E750,X1200,- XE300,MT300N-V2,MT1300,MV1000)
  • Based on QSDK11 (B1300,S1300,AP1300)


  • Fixed wolfSSL heap buffer overflow in RsaPad_PSS (CVE-2020-36177)
  • Fixed netifd and odhcp6c routing loop on IPv6 point to point links (CVE-2021-22161)
  • Fixed dnsmasq multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2020-25681, CVE-2020-25682, CVE-2020-25683, CVE-2020-25684, CVE-2020-25685, CVE-2020-25686, CVE-2020-25687)
  • Fixed mac80211 FragAttacks(CVE-2020-24586,CVE-2020-24587,CVE-2020-24588,CVE-2020-26139,CVE-2020-26140,CVE-2020-26141,CVE-2020-26142,CVE-2020-26143,CVE-2020-26144,CVE-2020-26145,CVE-2020-26146,CVE-2020-26147)
  • Added times limit to password authentication

New features:

  • Supported IPv6 ( Internet, OpenVPN, WireGuard )
  • Supported WPA3 (AR150,MIFI,AR300M,USB150,N300,AR750,AR750S,X750,E750,X1200,XE300)
  • Supported deleting offline clients
  • Added warnings when uploading old version or three-party firmwares
  • Added 2.4G WIFI and LTE working channel interference automatic avoidance(MIFI,X750,E750,X1200,XE300)
  • Supported IGMP
  • Supported DLNA

Hardware support:

  • Supported SPI nand GD5F1GQ5UEYIG


  • Optimized client statistics function

APP support:

  • Supported GL.iNet App

Cloud support:

  • Supported Rtty SSH Access
  • Supported Rtty HTTP Access
  • Supported Ping tool
  • Supported Traceroute tool
  • Supported RS485 tool(X300B)


  • Supported Russian

Important bug fix:

  • Fixed speed limit function failure in some models
  • Fixed tor initialization failure in some models
  • Fixed the problem that when turn off the AP in MT300N-V2, the repeater won't auto-reconnect.
  • Fixed the problem that when WireGuard's Allowed IPs are not set with global proxy address, router will be unable to access the internet.
  • Fixed the problem that MT1300 can't access internet when using StrongVPN.
  • Fixed a BUG where the OpenVPN connection status was displayed incorrectly on the E750 LCD
  • Fixed XE300 modem manual settings always being overwritten when reboot
  • Fixed DNS leakage when using OpenVPN and WireGuard
  • Fixed other known issues.

V3.105 - Dec 8, 2020

New features:

  • Supported traffic statistics in bridge mode
  • Supported OpenVPN bridge
  • Supported NextDNS personal ID
  • File sharing supported closing LAN sharing and supports shared folder selection
  • OpenVPN server supported CHACHA20-POLY1305 encryption
  • OpenVPN server supported Authentication option setting
  • WireGuard server supported local network access switch
  • The modem supported QCM protocol, SMS forwarding, adding Auth, Proto, TTL, and other configuration options (MIFI, X750, E750, X1200)
  • Supported MCU setting (E750)
  • Supported AdGuardHome (S1300)

Software Upgrade:

  • Openssl upgraded to 1.1.1d
  • Openvpn upgraded to 2.5.0


  • Optimized real-time traffic statistics and reduce CPU load
  • Optimized MQTT
  • Optimized 4G to WiFi speed (MIFI,X750,E750)
  • Optimized the number of X1200 5G client connections


  • Supported Russian
  • Fixed the problem of incomplete and inaccurate translation of some languages


  • Added VPN status indicator icon to the navigation page
  • Added quick navigation to WireGuard client commercial configuration
  • Removed the import method with JSON format in WireGuard client

Important bug fix:

  • Fixed the problem that AdGuardHome cannot be upgraded
  • Fixed MV1000 memory leak problem
  • Fixed tethering problem with iOS14 system
  • Fixed the problem that port 53 is exposed to the WAN after opening Override DNS Settings for All Clients
  • Fixed the problem that the client of the router cannot access the address of the WireGuard server when using WireGuard client
  • Fixed the problem that the WireGuard client AllowedIPs parameter does not take effect
  • Fixed the problem that Mullvad WireGuard needs to manually modify the MTU to 1380
  • Fixed the X1200 dual-module IP exchange problem
  • Fixed the problem that some websites cannot be opened after using VPN policy (AR750S, X1200)
  • Fixed other known issues

V3.102 - Apr 15, 2020

New Features:

  • Added Site to Site function.
  • Added one-click channel optimization function.
  • Added app status interface.
  • Added DNS encryption function.
  • Added Tor function (currently support custom installation).
  • Added Internet Kill Switch function.
  • Added default kernel package "kmod-nf-nathelper" to solve the problem that FTP server cannot be found.
  • Added 83 ports to support web access.

Fixed Problems:

  • Fixed PPP CVE-8597 security vulnerability.
  • Fixed opkg CVE-7982 security vulnerability.
  • Updated wireless driver to fix problem of Chromebook connection.


  • Removed restrictions on network detection of wgClient and VPN clients from front end.
  • Updated the date of main interface.


  • Disabled ipv6 function by default due to leak problem.
  • Changed tx power value to display by level.
  • Modified the name of server zone.
  • Optimized wireless rate from setting mode to working mode and bandwidth mode.

V3.025 - Aug 13, 2019

New Feature:

  • Added Italian
  • Added Guest Wifi
  • Added Repeater Options
  • Added connecting to hidden wifi
  • Added offline clients
  • Added VPN Policies
  • Added Remote Access
  • Added Captive portal
  • Added DHCP address range management

V3.012 - Jan 21, 2019

New Feature:

  • Web admin panel display language supports Japanese.

V3.011 - Jan 4, 2019

Firmware file: openwrt-mt300n-v2-3.011.bin

New Features:

  • OpenWrt Updated to version 18.06.
  • Adopted new user-interface.
  • WireGuard Server/Client pre-installed, supports Azirevpn and Mullvad service providers.
  • Support DNS over TLS from Cloudflare.
  • Added GL Cloud.
  • Added DDNS function.
  • Added client management feature which includes QoS, traffic statistics.
  • Added firewall settings page which includes port forwards, open port and DMZ.
  • Added static IP address binding in LAN IP settings.
  • Added Hide SSID option in wireless settings.


  • Improved the stability of wireless connection.
  • Removed UPnP server, PPTP and L2TP.
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