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GL-S1300 - Release Notes

V3.105 - Dec 8, 2020

Firmware file:

Firmware file: qsdk-s1300-3.105.img

New features:

  • Supported traffic statistics in bridge mode
  • Supported OpenVPN bridge
  • Supported NextDNS personal ID
  • File sharing supported closing LAN sharing and supports shared folder selection
  • OpenVPN server supported CHACHA20-POLY1305 encryption
  • OpenVPN server supported Authentication option setting
  • Wireguard server supported local network access switch
  • The modem supported QCM protocol, SMS forwarding, adding Auth, Proto, TTL, and other configuration options (MIFI, X750, E750, X1200)
  • Supported MCU setting (E750)
  • Supported AdGuardHome (S1300)

Software Upgrade:

  • Openssl upgraded to 1.1.1d
  • Openvpn upgraded to 2.5.0


  • Optimized real-time traffic statistics and reduce CPU load
  • Optimized MQTT
  • Optimized 4G to WiFi speed (MIFI,X750,E750)
  • Optimized the number of X1200 5G client connections


  • Supported Russian
  • Fixed the problem of incomplete and inaccurate translation of some languages


  • Added VPN status indicator icon to the navigation page
  • Added quick navigation to Wireguard client commercial configuration
  • Removed the import method with JSON format in Wireguard client

Important bug fix:

  • Fixed the problem that AdGuardHome cannot be upgraded
  • Fixed MV1000 memory leak problem
  • Fixed tethering problem with iOS14 system
  • Fixed the problem that port 53 is exposed to the WAN after opening Override DNS Settings for All Clients
  • Fixed the problem that the client of the router cannot access the address of the Wireguard server when using Wireguard client
  • Fixed the problem that the Wireguard client AllowedIPs parameter does not take effect
  • Fixed the problem that Mullvad WireGuard needs to manually modify the MTU to 1380
  • Fixed the X1200 dual-module IP exchange problem
  • Fixed the problem that some websites cannot be opened after using VPN policy (AR750S, X1200)
  • Fixed other known issues

V3.029 - Nov 25, 2019

Firmware file: qsdk-s1300-3.029.img

New Features:

  • Added site to site
  • Added one-click channel optimization function
  • Added VPN Policies
  • Added keep installed package when upgrade
  • Added libustream-openssl module which support download firmware and software package in https
  • Added Flash available space in plus-in
  • Added app status interface
  • Added wifi coverage function
  • Added DNS encryption function
  • Added conflict detection, enable data analysis in the cloud, for bid disable local traffic statistics and cloud management functions


  • Mqtt adds data reporting information, router / info adds dataupload and ping_addr
  • Upgraded libopenssl to improve openvpn performance
  • Optimized the domain name resolution part of the wireguard startup script
  • Optimized and increase data reporting process daemon


  • Fix some buglist
  • Removed company MAC address detection

V3.023 - May 27, 2019

Firmware file: qsdk-s1300-3.023.img