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Click UPGRADE to check any available update and upgrade the firmware.


Online Upgrade

You can find the current firmware version here. If your router is connected to the Internet, it will check for the newer firmware version available for download.

online upgrade

Note: It is suggested to uncheck Keep setting. If you keep the settings and encounter problems after the upgrade, please reset the router.

Upload Firmware

Click Local Upgrade to upload a firmware file to the router. Simply drag and drop your firmware file to the area indicated.

upload firmware

Official OpenWrtfirmware

You can download the official firmware from our website.

Find the available firmwares from the folder according to your device model, and they are located in different sub-folders:

V1/release: Official GL.iNet OpenWrt/LEDE firmware.

testing: Beta version of GL.iNet OpenWrt/LEDE firmware.

Compile your own firmware

You can compile your own firmware and flash to the router. Please refer to

Auto Upgrade

You can enable auto upgrade. The router will search for available update and upgrade automatically according to the time that you set.

auto upgrade

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