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Some of GL.iNet routers support DLNA Server, but this is not a default function. You need to install a little plug-ins to make it workable.

Support models: GL-AR750S-EXT, GL-AR750, GL-MT300N-V2, GL-AR300M series, GL-AR150 series, GL-MiFi and GL-X750

Install Plug-ins

Go to APPLICATIONS, then Plug-ins. Install two apps:

  1. luci-app-minidlna
  2. miniDLNA

Use the DLNA server in GL.iNet Routers

After Installation of two applications, you can now use your GL.iNet router as as DLNA server.

  1. Make suer you already has a TF card inserted into the card slot before you power up your router. Hot-plug is not supported on GL.iNET routers.
  2. Or you can insert an USB drive into the USB port.
  3. Connnet your PC, Laptop, tablet, smart TV or Smartphone to GL.iNET router's WiFi(SSID). Here is the sample: GL-AR750-xxx
  4. Then you can find the OpenWrt DLNA Server in your devices.

Take Windows as example:

In Windows Media Player:

In Windows File Explorer -> Network

iOS: Install VLC or UPNP Extreme in App Store:

You can easily find the OpenWrt DLNA Sever in UPNP: UPNP Extreme and VLC Installation | UPNP Setup - | - alt | alt

VLC Setup:

Step 1: Click the Traffic Cones Logo on the left top, select Local Network

Step 2: You can find the OpenWrt DLNA Server easily in Local Network. Step 1 | Step 2 - | - alt | alt

Also other devices can easily find the OpenWrt DLNA Server easily.

Enjoy your media DLNA Server by GL.iNET routers.

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