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GL-S10 is an ESP32-powered BLE to MQTT IoT gateway. It can be used to facilitate communication between your beacons and servers, such as MQTT broker and AWS IoT. GL-S10 also comes with an optional beacon for testing and a tool app for fast and easy deployment.

GL-S10 doesn't have a web Admin Panel. It is a BLE-WiFi gateway aimming to provide a simple method conversing Bluetooth Low Energy to WiFi. It supports GAP and GATT, can act as GATT server or GATT client. WiFi is used in STA mode, connect the superior router to access to the network. Also it can connect to network through Ethernet. It has a built-in standard MQTT client which could connect to any standard MQTT server. Using MQTT, it can forward BLE messages to the cloud and on the other hand forward messages from cloud to the connected BLE device through BLE notify.

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User Manual

Firmware Compilation Guide

There is a video setup guide of GL-S10.