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How to use GL.iNet Thread Development Boards with GL-S20

To use GL.iNet Thread Development Boards with GL-S20, you will need these devices:

  • A GL-S20 Thread Border Router
  • At least two GL.iNet Thread Development Boards

Once you have these devices ready, follow the steps below.

1. Set up a Thread network

  1. Power on the GL-S20.

  2. Connect the WAN port of the GL-S20 and the LAN port of an upstream device, such as a modem, using an ethernet cable.

  3. On a web browser, enter http://gl-s20-otbr/ in the address bar. (If your GL-S20 is connected to an upstream device, enter the upstream device's IP address. Ensure they are on the same network.)

  4. From the left sidebar, click Thread Mesh > Thread Network.

  5. Click Manual Setup.

    control TDB

  6. Click Generate > Apply.

    control TDB

  7. Wait for a while until the word "Leader" appears next to the name of your GL-S20.

    control TDB

2. Commission the Thread Development Boards into the GL-S20's Thread network

  1. From the left sidebar, click Thread Commissioning.

  2. Click Start. The Thread LED on your GL-S20 will start blinking in orange.

    control TDB

  3. Under "Joiners," click Add.

  4. Enter the following information:

    • Joiner EUI-64: Enter *. This allows any Thread Development Boards to join the Thread network. (To add a specific board, enter the EUI-64 of the board.)
    • Joiner Credential: Enter AAAAAA.
  5. Click Apply.

    control TDB

  6. Press the SW2 on each Thread Development Board you added. The LED will blink in green. (The board is entering commissioning mode.)

  7. Wait for a few seconds until the green LED stops blinking. (When the LED becomes static, the board has been commissioned into the Thread network.)

3. Test the Thread Development Boards on the Thread network

  1. Long press the SW1 on each Thread Development Board you added for about 3 seconds. The Thread Development Boards will enter the demo mode.

  2. Use the rotary knob to control the RGB LED of other Thread Development Boards on the same thread network:

    • To turn on or off the RGB LED: Press down the rotary knob.
    • To change the RGB LED colors: Rotate the rotary knob.