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In order to give users a more intuitive experience of the thread network functions, we have developed a set of Thread development boards. The GL DEV BOARD is a page dedicated to controlling the Thread development board for GL development and displaying relevant data.



The TDB(GL Thread DEV Board) can join the network by using thread Commissioning, but you need to know the EUI64 of the TDB and the device pre-shared key PSKd. To simplify the configuration process, we have pre-built fixed keys in the firmware, which can be added quickly as follows.

Add TDB to the network

  1. Click on Add Devices.

  2. Click on Allow New Devices To Join and Click on Apply.

    open device commissioning

  3. Power up the TDB, press and hold SW2 for three seconds or more to restore the factory settings, then press SW2 briefly. You can see the green light flashing.

  4. When the green light of the development board is always on, it means that it successfully joins the network.

  5. The first time a device is successfully added, the web page will automatically pop up New Devices to prompt for configuration Type/Name information

    new devices

    • Type: If theTDB comes with an A0 board, please select "A0+A1".
    • Name: User defined names.
  6. You can see that the development board was successfully added to the Online card.

    device is online

Control TDB

control TDB

Device Detail

You can view the current data of the TDB on the Device Detail page.

device detail

View Records

You can view a graph of the TDB's historical data on the View Records page.

view records

Edit Device

You can edit the settings of the TDB on the Edit Device page.

edit device

Code Examples

We have prepared some sample code to control the TDB. You can run them in the S200 backend, or write your own applications by referring to these examples.

code examples

Reset Device

If you want to remove the TDB from the network, use the reset device function.

reset device

Note: This will restore the TDB to its factory settings.


To enable users to better test the thread network in real-life situations, we offer some simple, restricted device linkage functions.


Add an automation with device action

As an example, create an automation example: press a button on either board and the RGB lights on/off on both boards.

  1. Create a name

    give a name for automation

  2. Select type of trigger conditions

    create automations

  3. Select the device(s) to be used as an trigger.

    create automations

  4. Select trigger conditions

    create automations

  5. Select the type of operation

    create automations

  6. Select the device(s) to be used as an actuator

    create automations

  7. Select actuator's actions

    create automations

  8. You can see the automation cards that have been created.

    create automations

Add an automation with webhook

A webhook in web development is a method of augmenting or altering the behavior of a web page or web application with custom callbacks.

As an example, I need TDB for home security alarms. When someone enters, send a message to Discord via webhook.

  1. Create a webhook url from Discord

    Please refer to the official Discord documentation. Please copy the url of the webhook, the next steps need to use.

  2. Fellow the steps below to create an automation.

    create automation, name

    Give it a name for the automation.

    create automation, trigger type

    Select Sensor trigger.

    create automation, trigger device

    Select devices.

    create automation, trigger condition

    Select trigger condition.

    create automation, trigger operation type

    Select Webhook.

    create automation, webhook url

    Paste the url you got when you created the webhook.

    create automation, webhook url

    Enter the message you wish to send to Discord. Discord specifies that the message sent provide a value for at least one of content, embeds, components, or file.

    Note: Different Internet applications have their own definitions for the content and format of messages, please refer to the relevant documentation.

    Finally, an Automation that triggers the webhook is successfully created.

    create automation, done

    When the TDB's pyroelectric infrared sensor is triggered, the GL-S200 sends the specified message to the webhook that is set up.

    Discord get message

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