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How to Setup OpenVPN Client on GL.iNet router

OpenVPN is an open-source VPN protocol that makes use of virtual private network (VPN) techniques to establish safe site-to-site or point-to-point connections.

GL.iNet routers have pre-installed OpenVPN Client and Server.

We recommend WireGuard over OpenVPN because it is much faster. For setup a WireGuard Client, please check out here.

If you have already bought OpenVPN service from a provider, but you don't know how to get the configuration file, please refer to Get your configuration file.

We can setup OpenVPN Client via web Admin Panel and mobile app. For the mobile app, it has already integrated NordVPN.

Setup OpenVPN Client

There is a video tutorial as ExpressVPN as example, please check out here.

OpenVPN client requires OpenVPN configuration file (.ovpn) to create the OpenVPN connection.

Access to web Admin Panel, on the left side -> VPN -> OpenVPN Client

Click Add a New OpenVPN Configuration.

add a new openvpn configuration

Upload your OpenVPN configuration file

Simply drag and drop your file to the pop up windows. It can be a single .ovpn file or a zip/tar.gz file which contains multiple .ovpn files.

Be careful that some .ovpn files use separated ca, cert, crl files. These files must be zipped together with the .ovpn file before upload.

Upload openvpn config

You may encouter some problems, like not enough space, invalid file, authorization failed, all other VPN services must be stopped first, please check out here.

Enter Description, Username and Password

Enter a description for your OpenVPN configuration file and then click Submit to finish the upload process. In some cases, it will ask you to enter the username and password. If you don't know the username and password, please contact the OpenVPN service provider.

uploaded openvpn config

Connect to the OpenVPN server

You can now click Connect to start the OpenVPN connection.

has imported openvpn config

If your configureation file is an archive file, like .zip, you can switch server at the cog icon.

switch server zip config

Once connected, you should find your IP address, data received/sent.

connected openvpn

Note that you can't running VPN Client and Server at the same time, and also can't running OpenVPN Client and WireGuard Client at the same time.

Manage configuration files

Click Management to check the list of configuration files. You can modify the Description, User name and Password of each configuration file. You can also add, delete a configuration file or even purge all your uploaded configuration files.

If your configuration file is a zip/tar.gz file which includes multiple ovpn files, you can choose an individual .ovpn file that you would like to connect in Server.

edit openvpn config

Get your configuration file

We have tested different VPN service providers. Therefore, if you don't know how to get the configuration file, you can follow the instruction below. However, you have to contact your service provider for the configuration file if they are not listed below.

If you have any problem in the setup of OpenVPN, please contact



Official Website

Download OpenVPN client configuration files. We recommend going into NordVPN recommended server utility here. It will recommend a server base on your network, click Show available protocols to download the UDP or TCP config.

nordvpn server utility

When setup the connection on router, please use the NordVPN service credentials.

You can find your NordVPN service credentials in the Nord Account dashboard. Copy the credentials using the “Copy” buttons on the right.

nordvpn service credentials

Of course you can download all servers configs here.

Tips: if the zip file is too big to upload, you can delete some .ovpn in .zip file or upload single .ovpn file.

Refer link

You can also use mobile app to setup NordVPN.

PIA (Private Internet Access)

Official Website

Download directly.


Official Website

Login and Download directly, or read this guide.


Official Website

Download directly.

Refer link


Official Website

  1. If you are using TorGuard, you need to login the control panel and find Config Generator from the Tools menu. Choose the VPN Server and some other options. Then click Generate Config a config file will be downloaded automatically.

    Generate ovpn

  2. The username and password for OpenVPN connection is different from your control panel login. You can find the VPN username and VPN password below.

    torguard vpn username vpn password


Official Website

Download directly.

Proton VPN

Official Website

Proton VPN has WireGuard service, we recommend to use WireGuard, checkout here.

  1. Login your Proton VPN account.

  2. Click Download in the left-hand side.

  3. Choose Router platform, protocol etc, find your target country to download configuration file.

    protonvpn openvpn configuration file

  4. The credential for connect OpenVPN is not the one that login Proton website's dashboard. You can find the crdential at Account -> OpenVPN/IKEv2 username

    protonvpn openvpn credential


Official Website

*Information quoted from Expressvpn official instruction

  1. Go to ExpressVPN website, and log in with your ExpressVPN credentials.

    expressvpn account click sign in

    Enter the verification code that is sent to your email.

  2. On the right, with OpenVPN already selected for you, you will see your username, password, and a list of OpenVPN configuration files.

    Click the location(s) you want in order to download the .ovpn file(s).

    Keep this browser window open. You will need this information for the setup later.



Official Website

  1. Login your AirVPN acoount

    ovpn manager

  2. Choose Config Generator on the left and then choose Linux as your operating system. Next, choose your preferred server.

    ovpn manager

  3. You will be able to see the download page of the configuration file.

    ovpn manager


Official Website

*Information quoted from Astrill official instruction

  1. Generate and Download Astrill Openvpn configuration ZIP

    ovpn manager

    ovpn manager

  2. Type a Description like OPENVPN_GUI.
  3. Click on ADD to my certificates button.

    ovpn manager

  4. Once OpenVPN certificate is added, click on Download button.

    ovpn manager


Official Website

Login in Dashboard, download your configuration files and select the Linux_iOS inline format. Extract the zip files after completing the download.

Refer link


Official Website

Download directly.

ovpn manager


Official Website

Download directly.


Official Website

*Information quoted from CyberGhost official instruction

  1. Login your CyberGhost VPN online account.

    ovpn manager

  2. Click on 'My Devices' > click 'Other' > choose 'Configure new device'.

    ovpn manager

  3. At the new screen, in the 'Server configuration' tab, the desired parameters can be configured. For the purpose of setting OpenVPN for your DD-WRT Router, choose 'OpenVPN' from the Protocol drop down menu. Your desired country and server group, as described below, need to be defined too:

    ovpn manager

    • Protocol: For Router configurations, please choose OpenVPN
    • Country: Since native protocol connections may only be used with exactly one server you now have to choose the country you want to surf from; the server to be used in this country will be chosen by CyberGhost automatically.
    • Server group: Choose the server group and the OpenVPN protocol (UDP or TCP) you want to use:

      UDP allows higher speed than the TCP version, but can result in broken downloads in some cases. This is the default setting.

      TCP allows more stable connections than the UDP version, but is a bit slower. Choose this version, if you have recurrent connection issues such as sudden disconnections.

    After setting up your preferred settings, save them with 'Save and download configuration'.


Official Website

Download FastestVPN Config Files zip folder for OpenVPN TCP and UDP from here.

Refer link


Official Website

  1. Login your FinchVPN account.

    ovpn manager

  2. Go to the Download page and click Download under FinchVPN OpenVPN Config.

    ovpn manager

  3. Choose Linux

    ovpn manager

  4. Choose the protocol based on your preference. Generally, you can choose the first one “Port 8484 over UDP”

    ovpn manager

  5. Remember to tick the box to include your username and password before download the file.

    ovpn manager


Official Website

  1. Login your HideIPVPN account.
  2. Go to Package on the left side, click the your package, make sure it is active.

    hideipvpn client area

  3. On the VPN tab, there is VPN Login Details of username and password, this is for login when OpenVPN connection

    hideipvpn client area

  4. Scroll down to download OpenVPN config files.

    hideipvpn client area VPN

Official Website

  1. Login your account, find the Server Locations on the left side.
  2. Download the OpenVPN Configuration for Windows. vpn dashboard


Official Website

Download directly.


Official Website

You can download all of the config files for all of the servers from here, then should upload this on the OpenVPN Client of web Admin Panel. Before uploading, please remove the servers in the .zip file that you will not use to reduce the file size.

You can also download individual server configuration files here, but you will need to download as well. Before uploading to the router, you need to compress the and .ovpn configuration files into a .zip archive and upload them.

Refer link


Official Website

Download OpenVPN UDP Configs

Download OpenVPN TCP Configs

Refer link


Official Website

  1. Download the OpenVPN config files.

  2. Find the Account ID on IVPN Client Area.

  3. When drag the config file to Add a New OpenVPN Configuration, you will be asked to enter User Name and Password. The User Name is your Account ID that begins with letters 'ivpn'. The password can be anything, like "ivpn"

    ivpn set up on gl.inet router

  4. Refer link


Office Website

Just login, then you can easy get the OpenVPN configurations file by click the menu below.

get ovpn configuration files

Choose the server and download.

download ovpn openvpn configuration files

The username and password are the same you login OVPN.


Official Website

Download directly.

ovpn manager


Official Website

StarVPN has WireGuard service, we recommend to use WireGuard, checkout here.

  1. Register an account with StarVPN

    Head on over to their pricing plan options and choose a VPN plan that suits your needs. You can register on checkout or directly here.

  2. VPN Login Information

    Log into the StarVPN member area dashboard. You can find your VPN username and password for each slot in the Manage Slots Section or dashboard area.

    starvpn credential

    For multiple slots, the VPN configuration settings and credentials can be located in the “Manage Slots” section.

    starvpn credential

  3. Download OpenVPN Configuration File

    The next step, you must download the VPN server configuration files necessary so that the OpenVPN Software knows where to connect to. Download the configuration file in the members area dashboard.

    download starvpn config

    Some GL.iNet routers do not support IPv6 or DNS Leak Protection, as a result you may experience an IP or connection error. Edit the ovpn configuration file and disable IPv6 by performing these simple tasks..


  4. Login to the GL.iNet Router

    Login to the router web Admin Panel by accessing your web browser and entering the Router IP in the address bar. The default address is

    Navigate to OpenVPN Client -> + Add a New OpenVPN Configuration

    add a new openvpn configuration glinet

  5. Upload OpenVPN Configuration File

    Simply drag and drop the StarVPN ovpn configuration file that was downloaded in Step 3.

    drag and drop config file

  6. Enter Description, Username and Password

    Enter a description for your OpenVPN configuration file, enter your StarVPN username and password located in Step 2 of this article and then click submit to complete the upload process.

    enter username and password

  7. Connect to the OpenVPN server

    Click on Connect to connect to the StarVPN VPN server.


  8. Once connected, you should see your user IP address and the number of Bytes send/received.

    connected status

    To validate the connection, using a web browser, visit

    Once you are connected, login to the StarVPN dashbard to configure your IP Type, Geo-location and ISP. No additional configuration files are required.

Refer link

Official Website

  1. Login with your StrongVPN account and then you will be able to see VPN Accounts Summary. Click Account Setup Instructions”.

    strongvpnsetup 1

  2. Find the Manual setup section, follow the steps to get configuration.

    ovpn manager


Official Website

Download directly.

ovpn manager


Official Website

The OpenVPN configuration files are listed on the VPN Gate website according to the server location.

  1. Click OpenVPN Config file under the column “OpenVPN”.

    ovpn manager

  2. You will see the download page.

    ovpn manager

VPN Unlimited(KeepSolid)

Official Website

*Information quoted from VPN unlimited official instruction

Start out by logging in to your User Office, press Manage for the VPN Unlimited service, and follow a few simple steps:

  1. Select a device

    Pick a device from the list or create a new one. If you are out of free slots, delete an old device or buy extra slots.

    ovpn manager

  2. Choosethe desired server location

    VPN Unlimited offers a large variety of servers, namely 400+ in 70+ locations. In this case, let it be Germany.

  3. Select the VPN protocol

    For the IKEv2 protocol, you will also need to specify your device’s platform.

    ovpn manager

  4. Create a configuration

    Press Generate and you will get all the data required to set up a VPN connection.

    ovpn manager


VyprVPN offers the OpenVPN files here: Where can I find the OpenVPN files? – VyprVPN Support

The provided zip file contains two folders with the .ovpn files. One called OpenVPN160 one OpenVPN256. Just delete the OpenVPN160 folder from the zip file then upload it to GL.iNet router as usual.


Official Website

  1. Access the Members Area to make a custom config using the Config Generator.

    wevpn manual configuration generator

  2. Choose the Protocal to UDP or TCP, the OpenVPN version, and the location. Then to download the configuration.
  3. Go to the web Admin Panel, default is, OpenVPN Client --> Add a New OpenVPN Configuration

    openvpn client

  4. It will pop up a dialog.

    openvpn client

  5. Drag the .ovpn file jsut downloaed to the dialog, it will ask username and password. Input the credentials and click Submit


    openvpn client

  6. Choose the configuration name and click Connect.

    openvpn client

Refer link


Official Website

Sign in its official website, then access the OpenVPN configuration files page, you will find all the servers here. Download the configuration file in the TCP column or UDP column.

zoogvpn openvpn configuration files

Then follow the guide to setup OpenVPN Client on GL.iNet router, the username and password are the same as the ones used to log into ZoogVPN website.

Video tutorial

These video tutorial as ExpressVPN as example to setup OpenVPN Client.

4 Common Problems and Solution When Configuring OpenVPN

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