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Welcome to GL.iNet Docs

GL.iNet is devoted to make hardware working easily with open-sourced software. This docs site is intended to advise newcomers to how open sourced software works on our hardware. As the product evolves, this docs site will be updated from time to time.

First time setup

Mini router

Travel router

4G LTE router gateway

IoT gateway

Home Wi-Fi


Security Gateway

End of life models


Why can't I access the router through

Please check setup to make sure you have connected to the router properly. Then, use Chrome or Edge or Firefox to visit Don't use Internet Explorer. Or try using incognito mode.

If the problem still exists, reset the router or re-install the firmware by Uboot.

What should I do if my router is bricked?

Please re-install the firmware by Uboot.

How to check the firmware version of the router?
  1. Access web Admin Panel via
  2. Click Upgrade and check Current Version

How to create a separated subnet from the main network?

GL.iNet routers will create a subnet by default.

Can I set up the router as a bridge so that it works like I am connecting to my main router directly?

Yes, GL.iNet routers work in router mode by default, which will create a separated subnet for you. However, you can change its network mode so that it can behave like an extender without DHCP.

  1. Access the admin panel via
  2. Go to MORE SETTINGS -> Network mode.
  3. Change the network mode to Access Point, Extender or WDS.

For more FAQ


  • Mobile App, for control GL.iNet routers locally or via cloud in your phone.
  • GoodCloud, the cloud platform website for GL.iNet routers.
  • AstroRelay, a secure reverse proxy solution.

Firmware APIs

Official Support

We try our best to solve your every technical problem when you use our products. We have built a community for you to share your ideas with other users on our forum. Also, we can also offer helps on our Facebook page and our Twitter platform. If you have some really in-depth technical questions you want we to work on, please email them to

Table of GL.iNet hardware on OpenWrt website

All device and techdata of GL.iNet on OpenWrt website}