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Domino Core

Pinout diagram

Domino Core is based on a Atheros AP121 design and protected by a NDA with Qualcomm. So we cannot publish the design. However, we have made comprehensive pinout diagram of the Core board.

Domino Core Pinout

Domino Core Pinout PDF

Domino Di base board

Domino Di is a bare PCB for playing with Domino Core. You can solder the Domino Core onto the Di board as illustrated in this picture.

Domino Di

The design of Domino Di in github: Please check out the schematic, layout and BOM.

The components required

To make it work, here is the components that you should solder onto the Di board:

Domino Di

The minimum requirements is to solder the AMS1117 for power and zero ohm R6.


It is better to solder C3 and C7 to make it works better.

To make the PCB antenna work, solder 0ohm R8 and R10. Otherwise, connect a uFL antenna.

To use LED and toggle buttons, solder the other required components.