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Domino Dual Ethernet Tile Board


When connected to the Domino Pi board, the Domino Dual Ethernet Tile adds 2x standard RJ45 IEEE 802.3 10/100MB Ethernet ports:

  • 1x LAN on port P0, DCE wiring (1=R+, 2=R-, 3=T+, 6=T-), lower RJ45 Jack
  • 1x WAN on port P4, DTE wiring (1=T+, 2=T-, 3=R+, 6=R-), upper RJ45 Jack
  • UART connectors

The Domino Dual Ethernet Tile also includes the equivalent of the Domino LED Tile:

  • 1x Blue LED: WLAN (LED0)
  • 1x White LED: USB (LED1)
  • 4x Green LEDs: LAN1-4 (LED2-5)
  • 1x Red LED: WAN (LED6)
  • 1x Orange LED: SYS (LED7)
  • 1x Yellow LED: WPS (LED8)

The Domino Dual Ethernet Tile connects as a West-side Tile.

It is only compatible with the Domino Pi board, as the Domino Qi Mini does not feature 2x Ethernet ports.

Dual Eth board Dual Eth board Dual Eth board

Photo is not the newest. There is UART connector on the board now!


Weight 21 g Dimensions 45.72 x 33.02 x 35 mm


Dual Eth pinout

Pinout in PDF