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Getting Start with GL.iNet Router

1. Power on

For Mini Router series (MT300N, MT300A, AR150, AR300M), you need to use a standard USB 5V/1A power adapter..

For GL-MiFi, GL-AR750, B1300, you have to use a standard 5V/2A power adapter in order to ensure a sufficient power supply.

2. Connect

You can connect your device to the router via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi,

Wired connection:

Connect your device to the LAN port of the router via Ethernet cable.

Wireless connection:

Search for the SSID of the router in your device and input the default password: goodlife in order to connect.

note: The SSID should be printed on the bottom label of the router with the following format:


3. Access the Web Admin Page

Open a browser (we recommend Chrome, firefox) and visit You will see the welcome page.

1) Language Setting

You need to select your language. Currently, the web admin page of all our routers only provide Chinese and English.Welcome

Note: If your browser always redirect to Luci (, you can visit:

2) Timezone Setting

You need to select your region. You can click on the map or select from the drop-down menu.


3) Admin Password Setting

You have to set your own password for this web admin page and click Finish. There is no default password. The password should not less than 8 characters.


Note: This password is for this web admin page and the embedded Linux system. It doesn't change your Wi-Fi password.

3) Access Admin Page

You will be directed to the index of the web admin page.