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Domino LED Tile Board


When connected to the Domino Pi board, the Domino LED Tile adds the following LEDs:

  • 1x Blue LED: WLAN (LED0)
  • 1x White LED: USB (LED1)
  • 4x Green LEDs: LAN1-4 (LED2-5)
  • 1x Red LED: WAN (LED6)
  • 1x Orange LED: SYS (LED7)
  • 1x Yellow LEd: WPS (LED8)
  • The Domino LED Tile connects as a West-side Tile.

It is only compatible with the Domino Pi board, as the Domino Qi Mini does not feature LED GPIOs, but instead integrates the standard Arduino YunTM LEDs.

LED board LED board


Weight 1 g Dimensions 27.94 x 7.62 x 12 mm


LED board

Pinout in PDF