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We provide hardware services. The ideas is illustrated here:

Service for Makers

Due to limited resources, we now only provide such service based on Domino and Mini routers.

Many people ask for a price break down. We cannot give precise information without detailed requirement. Such project cost thousands of USD to tens of thousands, depends on detailed requirements.

We have made several such projects and found this is very difficult. The reasons include:

  1. Requirements is not detailed and clear. Without a clear requirments the project cannot be started.
  2. Changing requirement. This is normal for product development, but it kills a ODM project easily because clients generally don't want to pay more for small changes but such a change can be very costly.
  3. Communication cost is high and project schedule is delayed many times.

If you want to make hardware based on our products, here is what we suggested:

  • Reuse existing hardware as possible as you can. Focus on software.
  • Know your detailed requirements, e.g. size of your product, interfaces. Not just an idea.
  • Prepare for some money to invest.