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Playing Audio and music

The hardware Setup

The I2S tile board connects to the left part of of Domino Pi, Thus you cannot connect Ethernet tiles without stackable headers. You can also connect to the Internet via WiFi without Ethernet.

I2S assembly

The software

The audio module is built into the Domino Pi firmware, but not loaded automatically, to load the module, use insmod glzt_i2s.

insmod glzt_i2s

To enable auto-load of the audio module, build a entry in /etc/modules.d/

echo glzt_i2s > /etc/modules.d/glzt_i2s

To play music, you can use mpg123.

E.g. to play music in your usb mounted on /mnt/sda1, just do:

mpg123 /mnt/sda1/my_music.mp3

You can play Internet radio the same way: