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Repeat Failure

In some cases, when the router scan the 2.4G Wi-Fi signal, you may find you are not able to see some SSIDs, this situation may caused by Wi-Fi channel. Our routers use channel 1 to 11 for 2.4GHz Wi-Fi by default, when the Wi-Fi you want to repeat is in 12 or 13 channel, the router would not be able to see or repeat it.

However, you can change Country Code in LuCI to get full channel.(Don't support GL-MT300N-V2)

  1. Log in your router by

  2. Go to MORE SETTINGS -> Advanced.

  3. Input web page password and you will enter LuCI page.

  4. Go to Network -> Wireless.

  5. click Edit on 2.4G Wi-Fi section.

  6. Click Advanced Settings, change the Country Code to your country or Japan. Click Save&Apply.

  7. Refresh your web UI page and you will see 12/13 section in 2.4G Wi-Fi channel. Scan again and now you will be able to see other SSIDs.