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Getting Started with Velica

Model: GL-B2200


Set Up Your GL-B2200 (Velica)

There is a video tutorial about the setup, please check out here.

Please download GL.iNet Mobile App to set up GL-B2200, we recommend 2 or 3 GL-B2200 to set as mesh network.

If GL-B2200 is connected with a router, make sure their IP addresses are not conflicted, GL.iNet router's default gateway is

The GL.iNet Mobile App gives you convenient access to your router’s features anywhere and anytime.

  • Basic Setup:

    • Setup and change the password of your devices.
    • Discover the real-time traffic in both mesh & guest network.
    • Block unwanted users that share your WiFi network.
  • Mesh Network:

    • Build up your home mesh network.
    • Step-by-step guidelines for setting up sub-nodes within your house.
  • VPN Setup:

    • Easily configure selected OpenVPN and WireGuard VPN for your private home network.
  • Live Router Status:

    • Real-time performance checklist of your devices, including memory storage and CPU load data.
    • Easily pause WiFi, update firmware, turn off LED lights on the router, and more!

Video Tutorial

Unboxing and Setup Guide