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Using WinSCP to modify files on the router

WinSCP is an easy tool to edit files on the router, copy and download files or directory to router. It only has Windows version.

  1. Download WinSCP from here: and install in your Windows.

  2. Connect to the router

    Run WinSCP, choose SCP as the protocol. If you didn't change the IP of the router it should be Please use your actual IP of the router. Port number should be 22. Please root as the username and input your password. Then click Login button.

    winscp login

    After login, you have full control of the router.

    You can choose view, edit or transfer files/directories from/to the router.

    For example, if you want edit firewall config, you can go to /etc/config and find firewall file. Then click your right key of your mouse, then choose Edit.

    Now you can edit the file content freely. Be careful not to mess up the settings.