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LED Customization

Support models: GL-AR150 series, GL-AR300 series, GL-MT300N-V2.

To configure the LED of GL.iNet routers, please login to LuCI.

Then please choose System > LED Configuration.

Customize your mini travel router

(Take GL-MT300N-V2 as an example)

  1. Go to LuCI -> System -> Led Configuration

    luci menu led configuration

  2. Choose the gl-mt300n-v2:green:wan which stand for the middle light in the LED Name list. The other two are power light(unchangeable) and Wi-Fi light(changeable).

    luci led configuration

  3. Keep the Trigger in netdev. And you can select which interface you want the middle light stand for:

    ra0 - main Wi-Fi

    ra1 - guest Wi-Fi

    apclio - repeater Wi-Fi

    tun0/wg0 - vpn(this option will show up when Open or WireGuard vpn is on)

    You can select the one you want. This function mainly use for vpn indication.

    luci led configuration

  4. Next one is Trigger Mode, the Link on means solid light and if you enable Transmit and Receive the light will blink when having data transmission.

    luci led configuration

  5. Reboot your mini GL-Router and having fun with your cusomized router.