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Mesh is available on B1300 and S1300 after firmware v3.022.

You need at least two of mesh supported routers to establish mesh network.

Mesh network setup steps

1) Power on Main Node

Select one B1300/S1300 as the main node for the Initial Setup, then make Cable Connection between WAN port of Main Node and LAN port of upstream router/modem.

2) Power on Sub Nodes

Power on to all sub nodes without any ethernet cable connection.

power on main node and sub nodes

3) Start Pairing Mode on Main Node

Press AND HOLD the right hand side of the button on the front(the mesh buttn) and after 5 flashes it will start to flash a bit quicker, release the button. The main node is now in pairing mode.

4) Start Pairing Mode on Sub Nodes

Follow step 3) to start pairing mode on sub nodes; initial setup is unnecessary.

start paring mode on main node and sub node

5) Establish Mesh Network

The mesh network starts working when Mesh LED Lights of all nodes are solid.

mesh network setup completed

Mesh network established status

The Mesh icon will replace Wireless after mesh network established. Repeater function is not available in mesh mode.

All SSIDs including 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz become one and same password.

You can find devices MAC address, connected nodes and connection methods in mesh clients.

mesh network status

CLIENTS management in mesh.

clients page

You can manage all devices connected to mesh network in CLIENTS.

Stop Mesh Network

When you want to stop the mesh network, hold the Mesh Button for 5 seconds and release it until the Mesh Light stops blinking.