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Set a Captive Portal

A captive portal is a web page accessed with a web browser that is displayed to newly connected users of a Wi-Fi network before they are granted broader access to network resources.

Captive portal feature need firmware version is equal or greater than v3.022, please visit this to download latest firmware and upgrade.

1. Turn on Captive Portal

Open a web browser (we recommend Chrome) and to access router web Admin Panel(default url is

The Captive Portal is only worked on Guest Wi-Fi. Please enable your guest WiFi.

At the left sidebar, APPLICATIONS -> Portal, follow the steps below to enable Captive Portal.

turn on captive portal

1) Turn on captive portal.

2) Set free internet time.

3) Certification URL is the default page that clients will force redirect to when they are connected, e.g.

4) Apply the configuration.

For desktop client, please use browser to access a http(not https) website, e.g. or , then you will see the portal.

Below is the Portal on iPhone, click the "GET CONNECTED" button to access the internet. On Android and desktop platform, it's a similar interface.

portal on iPhone

2. Change the default page

The default page is located /etc/nodogsplash/htdocs/, use SSH or WinSCP to change this page. For more information about how to use SSH and WinSCP, please access this. You may need basic HTML and CSS knowledge to change this page, please learn these from w3school or other sites.

If you want to change the picture on the default page, just replace the image on /etc/nodogsplash/htdocs/images/portal_login.png.

After you had change the page, it need to disable Portal and enable Portal again to reload the modified default page.

3. Disable Captive Portal

Follow the steps below to disable Captive Portal.

turn off captive portal