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How can I know my device's WAN, LAN, 2.4G, 5G Mac addresses

The Mac addresses of our devices are unique for each connecting port, they can be found in WAN 1, WAN 2, LAN ports, 2.4G WiFi and 5G WiFi.

You can look up them by the following methods.

Method 1

Finding the WAN Mac address from the label


You can find the WAN address on the back label of our device. For example the WAN Mac is: E4:95:6E:40:DB:A9 here.

Method 2

Check them up in SSH cell

Please check here for how to use SSH cell.

Please type ifconfig in the SSH cell.

Find the ethernet ports


eth0 is the WAN, which Mac Address is 94:83:C4:19:19:08.

If there is one more WAN port, there will be one more WAN Mac Address. For example, our GL-MT6000.

eth1, eth2, etc, are the LANs, which Mac Address is 94:83:C4:19:19:09.

There would be only one Mac Address even there are more than one LAN ports. For example, our GL-AXT1800, GL-AX1800, GL-MT6000.

Find the wireless ports


wlan0-1 is the 2.4G WiFi, which Mac Address is 96:83:C4:19:19:0B.

wlan1 is the 5G WiFi, which Mac Address is 94:83:C4:19:19:0A.

Usage Scenario

When you connect to some hotels, camping sites, campus, the network manager may ask your device's Mac address to register into his whitelist before. You need to tell him the exact Mac address or addressed of your device in order for network access. You can use the above logic to tell him exactly all your Mac addresses of your device immediately.