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How to connect to the dedicated IP by NordVPN on GL.iNet routers?

This article introduces the produces to setup the dedicated IP by NordVPN. Here we take GL-AXT1800 as the example, other models are just similar.

  1. Login your Nord Account and check the dedicated IP info. As the following picture, the assigned IP is and the server info is United Kingdom #1625.

    nordvpn dedicated ip info

  2. Go to this link: and find the config file of United Kingdom #1625. Here it is, download the UDP or TCP config file as you want.

    download nordvpn dedicated ip info

  3. Back to the Nord Account page, go to Manual setup and click on Set up NordVPN Manually to get the service credentials.

    nordvpn manual setup

    nordvpn manual setup service credential

  4. Login the web Admin Panel of your router, go to VPN > OpenVPN Client and create a new group to upload the config file you downloaded in step 2. Then type in the service credentials you got in step 3.

    set up nordvpn on glinet router

  5. Go to VPN Dashboard, select the config file and click on Apply to connect to it.

    connect nordvpn on glinet router

  6. When it connected, you can go to this website to check your public IP: and confirm if it matches with the dedicated IP by NordVPN.

    check ip after connected

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