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The wireless interface may vary a bit from model to model, here is an example of GL-AXT1800.

On the left side of web Admin Panel -> WIRELESS

Note: Some models do not have 5G WiFi, e.g. GL-S200, GL-X300B(Collie).

Note: Some models do not have WiFi, e.g. GL-MT2500/GL-MT2500A(Brume 2), GL-MV1000(Brume)

Main WiFi

  • 5G WiFi

    main wifi 5g


    • The Bandwidth and Channel can't be modified when repeater is enabled.
    • When Channel set as Auto, WiFi will not automatically switch to the DFS channel.
    • When switch to DFS channel from non-DFS channel, it will pop up a caution.

      dfs channel caution

    • When the Bandwidth is set to 160 MHz (Only some models can be set to 160MHz), WiFi will always use the DFS channel, even if you choose a non-DFS channel of the Auto option.

  • 2.4G WiFi

    main wifi 2.4g

Guest WiFi

  • 5G Guest WiFi

    guest wifi 5g

  • 2.4G Guest WiFi

    guest wifi 2.4g

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