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Connect to the Internet via usb tethering

Using a USB cable to share network from your smartphone to the router is called Tethering. Host-less modem works in Tethering during the setup of the modem as well.

Note: Some mobile carriers limit or charge extra for tethering. We recommend checking with your carrier.

  1. Connect iPhone to the USB port of the router. It will pop up a message asking to trust this computer? Click "Trust" to contine. Because we are connecting the iPhone to the router, so here is to TRUST the router.

    trust this computer

  2. Go to iPhone -> Settings -> Personal Hotspot -> Turn on Allow Others to Join.

    turn on allow others to join

  3. Use a computer or another phone, connect to the router, then go to web Admin Panel, on the left side bar, choose "INTERNET" and click "Connect" in the middle of the page.

    tethering connect

  4. It will show connected information on the top of your phone screen and the web Admin Panel once you connect successfully.


    Tethering connected on web Admin Panel.


If the connection fails, please turn off and turn on Allow Others to Join for a few times.

For Android phone tethering, the procedure is similar to iPhone. Connect it to the USB port of the router, it may pop up a dialog ask Use USB for, choose File Transfer/Android Audio, then check Settings -> Personal hotspot -> Usb network sharing.

For the Android official documentation for refer Share a mobile connection by hotspot or tethering on Android


When Internet access is not available, the corresponding warning is displayed. To determine whether you can access the Internet or not, please go to Multi-WAN page.

  • Warning: The interface is connected, but the Internet can't be accessed with IPv4 protocol.

    Solution: Please check if the smartphone has internet access.


* Please use the original power supply.
* Please restart your mobile once.

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