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How to check if you have a public IP address

A public address, as opposed to a private IP address, is a unqiue numerical identifier assigned to your devices connected to the internet. You will need a public IP address if you want to host a website, set up a VPN server, or provide any online services. Your internet service provider typically provides you with one.

If you are not sure whether you have a public IP address, follow one of these methods to check.

Method 1: Contact your internet service provider directly

Method 2: Check your IP address in your router admin panel and on the internet

  1. Sign in to your router's admin panel.
    • For GL.iNet routers, enter into a web browser and sign in.
    • If you have more than one router in your setup, sign in to the primary router's admin panel.
  2. In the router admin panel, locate your IP address (e.g., 42.XXX.XX.) locate ip address
  3. In a web browser, search "what is my ip." what is my ip

If the two IP addresses match, you have a public IP address. two ip addresses match

If you do not have a public IP address, you can consider using an intranet penetration tool. It allows your website, VPN server, or services to be accessible on the internet, even if you do not have a public IP address.

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