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Network Acceleration

Hardware Acceleration features have been renamed to Network Acceleration since v4.3.

Network acceleration reduces CPU load and speeds up traffic packet forwarding, but can conflict with some features.

When Network acceleration is enabled, the following functions will not work properly: Client Speed and Traffic Statistics, Client Speed Limit.

The following models have this option:

GL-XE3000(Puli AX), GL-X3000(Spitz AX), GL-MT2500(Brume 2), GL-MT3000(Beryl AX), GL-MT2500A(Brume 2), GL-SFT1200(Opal), GL-MT1300(Beryl)


On the left side of web Admin Panel -> NETWORK -> Network Acceleration.

Network Acceleration

Mode has three options.

  • Auto

    Auto mode will automatically switch between the two acceleration modes based on actual usage.

  • Hardware Acceleration

    Hardware acceleration works on Ethernet and Repeater.

  • Software Acceleration

    Software acceleration works on Cellular.

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