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This feature is available since v4.5.

On the left side of web Admin Panel -> SYSTEM -> Security

Admin Password

admin password

Change the password of login the web Admin Panel. You have to input your current password to change it.

For security reasons, we recommend that you turn on Prevent Weak Password.

When Prevent Weak Password is turned on, the requirements for new passwords are as follows.

  • 5 characters and maximum 63 characters.
  • Letters (case senstive), numbers and symbols ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + - = , . > < | ? / \ [ ] { } : ; " ' ` ~ are allowed.
  • At least two of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols are required.

Local Access Control

The local control feature can prevent scanning and intrusion attempts on the default port and avoid network problems caused by port conflicts.

Note: If the port number is modified in the firmware, you needs to enter the correct port number on the mobile phone to enter the admin panel. If the port number is forgotten, please reset the router to the default port number.


Auto-Logout Time: Interval between closing or hibernating the browser page and logging out.

Prohibited Port


The list of port numbers prohibited by the browser is as follows:
Port Description
1 tcpmux
7 echo
9 discard
11 systat
13 daytime
15 netstat
17 qotd
19 chargen
20 ftp data
21 ftp access
22 ssh
23 telnet
25 smtp
37 time
42 name
43 nicname
53 domain
69 tftp
77 priv-rjs
79 finger
87 ttylink
95 supdup
101 hostriame
102 iso-tsap
103 gppitnp
104 acr-nema
109 pop2
110 pop3
111 sunrpc
113 auth
115 sftp
117 uucp-path
119 nntp
123 NTP
135 loc-srv /epmap
137 netbios
139 netbios
143 imap2
161 snmp
179 BGP
389 ldap
427 SLP (Also used by Apple Filing Protocol)
465 smtp+ssl
512 print / exec
513 login
514 shell
515 printer
526 tempo
530 courier
531 chat
532 netnews
540 uucp
548 AFP (Apple Filing Protocol)
554 rtsp
556 remotefs
563 nntp+ssl
587 smtp (rfc6409)
601 syslog-conn (rfc3195)
636 ldap+ssl
989 ftps-data
990 ftps
993 ldap+ssl
995 pop3+ssl
1719 h323gatestat
1720 h323hostcall
1723 pptp
2049 nfs
3659 apple-sasl / PasswordServer
4045 lockd
5060 sip
5061 sips
6000 X11
6566 sane-port
6665 Alternate IRC [Apple addition]
6666 Alternate IRC [Apple addition]
6667 Standard IRC [Apple addition]
6668 Alternate IRC [Apple addition]
6669 Alternate IRC [Apple addition]
6697 IRC + TLS
10080 Amanda

Remote Access Control

After enabling remote access, specific locations can be set to allow access, such as enabling remote access to home devices only from the office, sacrificing convenience for improved security.


  • Allow Ping from WAN: When there is a network problem, allowing Ping from the WAN port can help users or network administrators check whether the router is properly connected, as well as determine network latency and packet loss.

  • HTTPS Remote Access: HTTPS protocol is mainly used for communication between web browsers and web servers, providing secure data transmission guarantee. Therefore, when users need to remotely manage servers or access web applications through web browsers, HTTPS protocol can be used to ensure the security and reliability of data transmission.

  • SSH Remote Access: SSH protocol is mainly used for securely accessing and managing remote computers and servers, as well as performing file transfer operations. When users need to remotely log in to servers through command lines or scripts for system management, file transfer, and other operations, SSH protocol can be used to establish a secure tunnel to ensure the security and privacy of data transmission.

  • Allow Remote Access from Specific IPs: This function is used in conjunction with the HTTPS Remote Access or SSH Remote Access.You can add multiple specified IP addresses to remotely manage routers from devices with these specified IP addresses.



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