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How to visit WireGuard client LAN side from Server

The Topology of WireGuard site to site tunnel

If you want to visit the subnet of (GL-AXT1800) at the client side, like NAS, IP Cam...


1. Go to the VPN Dashboard of the Server

Click the icon and enter the custom rule page Custom rule

Input the subnet you wanted to visit, in this case is and type in the scope global.

Gateway is the WireGuard IP of your client router, you can find it at your WireGuard Server page.


2. Go to the WireGuard Server you will see the client IP (Gateway) in Profiles and click the modify icon


Click Set More


Click + to add the allow IP and then click Apply to get a new configuration


3. Download the configuration

Load the configuration to your client router in this case is the GL-AXT1800

You can test by ping from GL-MT2500 to (GL-AXT1800)