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Spitz AX (GL-X3000) User Guide

How to set up Spitz AX

To set up Spitz AX, you will use one of the four supported internet connection methods: Cellular (SIM cards), ethernet, repeater, and tethering. Watch this setup video or follow the steps below.

(This video uses a different GL.iNet router to demonstrate the setup but the steps are the same for Spitz AX and other router models.)

Before you start, follow these steps (if connecting via the cellular method):

To connect to the internet via the cellular method, you will need at least one nano SIM card. Once you have the nano SIM card(s) ready, follow these steps:

  1. Activate your SIM card(s), if required by the SIM card carrier.
  2. Make sure you router is powered off.
  3. Insert the SIM card(s) into the SIM card slots. (Note: Only one SIM card is active at each time. The other SIM card functions only as a backup.)

1. Power on the Spitz AX

Put the two-piece power adapter together. Connect it to your router and plug it into a wall outlet. Press the power button.

2. Connect your device to the Spitz AX

Connect your computer or mobile device to the router using Wi-Fi or ethernet.

On your device, locate your router's Wi-Fi network name in the list of available networks and enter the password. (You can find the default network name and password printed on your router's label.)

Connect your device to the router's LAN port using an ethernet cable.

3. Connect the Spitz AX to the internet

Note: The following instructions were written for those using the router admin panel to connect the router to the internet. If you want to use the GL.iNet app instead of the admin panel, download the app and follow the on-screen instructions.

1. Sign in to the router admin panel

In a web browser's address bar, enter Choose your language, then click Next. Set your admin password, then click Apply.

2. Set up your internet connection method(s)


If you already inserted the SIM card into your router, you should be connected to the internet automatically. (You should see the name of your SIM carrier and a light blue dot appear next to it.) If not, click the Auto Setup option if it appears.

For issues using the cellular method, refer to the Cellular Network Troubleshooting Guide.


Connect an ethernet cable to your router's WAN port and an upstream device, such as a modem. If you are connected to the internet successfully, a light blue dot appears next to "Ethernet."


  1. On the main screen of the admin panel, locate the "Repeater" section, then click Connect.
  2. Select a Wi-Fi network.
  3. Enter the network password, then click Apply.

If you are connected to the internet successfully, a light blue dot appears next to the Wi-Fi network name.


  1. Connect your mobile device to the router's USB port using a 3.0 USB data transfer cable.
  2. In your mobile device's settings, enable tethering.
  3. On the main screen of the admin panel, click Connect in the "Tethering" section.

If you are connected to the internet successfully, a light blue dot appears next to "Tethering."

Note: If you want to use the multi-WAN feature, you will have to set up more than one internet connection methods.

How to set up a VPN

A VPN (virtual private network) creates a secure, encrypted traffic between your device and the VPN server. It provides an added layer of privacy and security (VPN client) and allows you to access a remote network (VPN server). Spitz AX (and other GL.iNet routers) support OpenVPN, WireGuard, and Tailscale.

Spitz AX (and other GL.iNet routers) support the OpenVPN protocol which offers strong security. To set up OpenVPN, follow these tutorials:

Spitz AX (and other GL.iNet routers) support the WireGuard protocol which offers great speeds and convenience. To set up WireGuard, follow these tutorials:

Tailscale is a VPN service that allows you to access your devices and applications anywhere. To set up Tailscale, refer to Tailscale.

More features and settings

Port forwarding allows remote servers and devices on the internet to access devices on a private network. To set up port forwarding, refer to Port Forwards.

Multi-WAN is a networking feature that allows you to set up your router with multiple internet connections (e.g., cellular, repeater, and ethernet) at the same time. If your current internet connection fails, the router will automatically switch to another internet connection. This ensures smooth and uninterrupted internet access.

To set up multi-WAN, refer to Multi-WAN.

AdGuard Home is a third-party tool that blocks ads and tracking to keep you safe. To learn how to enable AdGuard Home, refer to AdGuard Home.

Drop-in gateway extends the functionality of your main router with features it may not have, including AdGuard Home, encrypted DNS, and VPN. To set up drop-in gateway, refer to How to set up drop-in gateway.

Dynamic DNS (DDNS) automatically detects and updates the IP address associated with a domain in real-time. It is most useful for users who need a static IP address for accessing a remote network. To set up dynamic DNS, refer to Dynamic DNS.

Parental controls are a group of settings designed to help you manage and control your children's devices. They include limiting their screen time and restricting their access to certain content. Spitz AX offers two options for parental controls: the local version developed by GL.iNet and the integrated version from Bark, a parental controls app.

To set up parental controls, refer to Parental controls.

System settings

Product overview

Product information

Spitz AX (GL-X3000) is a dual-SIM Wi-Fi 6 cellular gateway designed to provide fast, reliable connections especially in remote areas and during road trips. It offers four internet access methods: Cellular (SIM cards), ethernet, repeater, and tethering. It supports multi-WAN (failover and load-balancing), VPN (OpenVPN and Wireguard), parental controls, AdGuard Home, port forwarding, Tailscale, and more.

Package contents

Your router package includes:

  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Spitz AX (GL-X3000)
  • 1 x Ethernet cable
  • 1 x Thank you card
  • 1 x Wall mount kit
  • 1 x Power adapter (US+EU+UK+AU plugs)

package contents

LED indicators

Condition status Power Internet 2.4GHz 5GHz Cellular
Normal (connected to the internet) Green Green Green Green Green
Not connected to the internet Green Off Green Green Green
Updating firmware Green Blinking green (every 0.5s) Blinking green (every 0.5s) Blinking green (every 0.5s) Green
Resetting router (hold down "reset" button for > 3s) Blinkng green (every 1s) Green Green Green Green
Restoring router to factory settings (hold down "reset" button for 10s) Fast blinking green (every 0.25s) Green Green Green Green


Refer to Specifications.