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How to set up WireGuard server via AstroRelay?

Scenario: If you want to set up WireGuard server in GL.iNet router at home/office to remote access your local service, but your ISP doesn't provide a public IP address.

AstroRelay can provide a secure reverse proxy tunnel, which you can access your resources behind NAT and firewall.

  1. Follow the guide here to set up WireGuard server and ignoring that your don't have a public IP address. Please enalbe Allow Access Local Network.

    set up wireguard server

    Then create a WireGuard configuration. Below image is an example.

    wireguard config

  2. Please sign up an AstroRelay account and Follow the tutorial.

    When add a new domain, please choose the server closest to your router.

    astrorelay add a new domain

    When add a new link, the Destination Host IP is your router's IP address, default is

    link for wireguard server

    You can get a link finally, like

    astrorelay link

  3. Replace this link with the Endpoint in the WireGuard configuration. Then you can use the modified config in WireGuard client app.

    replace link in wireguard config

  4. When you are not at home/office, you can use the WireGuard client app with the configuration created above to access your home/office local service as you at home/office.