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How to set up OpenVPN server via AstroRelay?

Scenario: If you want to set up OpenVPN server in GL.iNet router at home/office to remote access your local service, but your ISP doesn't provide a public IP address.

AstroRelay can provide a secure reverse proxy tunnel, which you can access your resources behind NAT and firewall.

  1. Follow the guide here to set up OpenVPN server and ignoring that your don't have a public IP address. Please enalbe Allow Access Local Network.

    set up openvpnd server

    Then export a OpenVPN configuration. Below image is an example.

    openvpn config

  2. Please sign up an AstroRelay account and Follow the tutorial.

    When add a new domain, please choose the server closest to your router.

    astrorelay add a new domain

    When add a new link, the Destination Host IP is your router's IP address, this time is

    link for openvpn server

    You can get a link finally, like, you can click the icon to copy the link.

    astrorelay link

  3. Replace this link after the Remote in the OpenVPN configuration and replace the ":" with a space. Then you can use the modified config in OpenVPN client app.

    replace link in openvpn config

  4. When you are not at home/office, you can use the OpenVPN client app with the configuration created above to access your home/office local service as you at home/office.

    openvpn up