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How to install or change your Spitz AX's or Puli AX's external antennas

When you are setting up your Spitz AX (GL-X3000) or Puli AX (GL-XE3000) for the first time, you will have to install the six external antennas included in the package. These external antennas are:

  • 2 x Wi-Fi antennas (labeled as "WiFi 6")
  • 4 x 5G NR antennas (labeled as "5G NR")

Refer to the sections below to learn how to install or change the antennas.

Installing the external antennas

To install the antennas, follow these steps:

  1. Attach the antennas (in no particular order):
    • Attach the two "WiFi 6" antennas to the WiFi 1 and WiFi 2 ports.
    • Attach the four "5G NR" antennas to the MAIN, DIV, MIMO 1, and MIMO2 ports.
  2. Position the antennas upwards for optimal performance.


Changing the external antennas

You can buy your own Wi-Fi or 5G NR antennas to replace the ones included in the package, for example, if you want to customize your network settings. To ensure you purchase the antennas with the appropriate connectors, refer to the sections below.

Wi-Fi antennas

The base of the Wi-Fi antenna uses a RP-SMA female connector (external thread and internal needle). It requires a Wi-Fi antenna which uses a RP-SMA male connector (internal thread and internal hole).

rp-sma connectors

5G NR antennas

The base of the 5G NR antenna uses a SMA female connector (external thread and internal hole). It requries a 5G NR antenna which uses a SMA male connector (internal thread and internal needle).

sma connectors

Troubleshooting: I bought the incorrect antennas

If you bought the incorrect antennas, you may want to consider buying an adapter which converts between connectors (e.g., SMA-RP male to SMA female). For issues choosing the right adapter, please contact our Support Team via email at

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