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System Overview

On the left side of web Admin Panel -> SYSTEM -> Overview

The Overview page displays the status of some hardwares and supports some simple controls, including the following

  • Status of CPU, memory, Flash and external storage devices.
  • Status of hardware such as fan, battery, etc.
  • Control of LEDs and fan.
  • System information.

Here is the example of GL-AX1800.

system overview

CPU Average Load

Click on the temperature to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Mouse over the graph to display specific values.

system overview, cpu average load

GL-AX1800/GL-MT3000/GL-X3000/GL-XE3000 has a fan, click the fan icon at the right top corner it will shows the fan settings.

system overview, fan settings

Memory Usage

Mouse over the graph to display specific values.

Note: The memory shown here is the memory available to the Linux system. The total memory here will be less than the physical memory because some of it will be allocated to the Wi-Fi subsystem or other boot areas.

system overview, memory usage


Click the cog icon will go to the Scheduled Tasks of LED.

system overview, memory usage

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