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Connect to the Internet via cellular

The router can be used to access the Internet through cellular.

There are three cases:

  1. Some models have a built-in 3G/4G model with single SIM card, like GL-XE300(Puli). Please refer to Setup for single SIM models.

  2. Some models have a usb port and can be plugged into a usb 3G/4G modem, like GL-AXT1800(Slate AX). Please refer to Setup for single SIM models.

  3. Some models have a built-in modem and support dual SIM cards, like GL-X3000(Spitz AX). Its interface may be slightly different. Please refer to Setup for Dual-SIM models.

Note: Some SIM cards may need to be activated the first time you use them, so please activate them in your phone before using them in your router.

Setup for single SIM models

The following configuration steps are for built-in modem or external USB modem with only single SIM card. Here we use the GL-AXT1800 (Slate AX) with external USB modem as an example.

On the left side of web Admin Panel -> INTERNET, Cellular sector.

  1. We recommend to turn off the router first, insert your SIM card into the USB modem then plug the USB modem into the USB port of the router, and then turn it on again. If you insert a usb modem at power on, the page may be no change, please refresh the page.

  2. Please access the web Admin Panel -> INTERNET, Cellular sector. The first time, it may not connect automatically, but it has read the name of your carrier in the upper left corner and the IMEI, then please click Auto Setup.

    Please ignore the warning of Incompatible Modem

    usb modem auto setup

  3. Connecting.

    Note: Some SIM cards may have special usage restrictions, such as the need to use a special APN. If your SIM card can't be registered, please consult your network operator if it has special restrictions.

    usb modem connecting

  4. After a while, it will be connected. Otherwise, try Manual Setup.

    When the usb modem is plugged into the router the second time it is powered on, it is usually automatically recognized and a connection is established. It may not get the information of signal, modem name and IMEI.

    usb modem connected

Manual Setup

Sometimes, Auto Setup may not work, you can try Manual Setup.

4g modem manual setup

Compatible Modems

Here is a list of supported modems that we had tested before.

Model 3G/4G Tested Tested by Comments*
Quectel EC20-E, EC20-A, EC20-C 4G Yes GL.iNet
Quectel EC25-E, EC25-A, EC25-V, EC25-C 4G Yes GL.iNet
Quectel EC200A series 4G Yes akw2312 Host-less
Quectel EP06-E, EP06-A 4G Yes akw2312
Quectel EM060K-GL, EM120K-GL 4G Yes akw2312
Quectel EM120R-GL, EM160R-GL 4G Yes akw2312
Quectel RM520N-GL 5G Yes akw2312
Quectel UC20-E 3G Yes GL.iNet
ZTE ME909s-821 4G Yes GL.iNet
Huawei E1550 3G Yes GL.iNet
Huawei E3276 4G Yes GL.iNet
TP-Link MA260 3G Yes GL.iNet
ZTE M823 4G Yes Arnas Risqianto
ZTE MF190 3G Yes Arnas Risqianto
Huawei E3372 4G Yes anonymous
Pantech UML290VW (Verizon) 4G Yes GL.iNet/steven QMI
Pantech UML295 (Verizon) 4G Yes GL.iNet/steven Host-less
Novatel USB551L (Verizon) 4G Yes GL.iNet/steven QMI
Verizon U620L (Verizon) 4G Yes Host-less

QMI: This modem supports QMI mode. Please choose /dev/cdc-wdm0 in the Device* list.

*Host-less: This modem supports tethering mode, please set up by using Tethering but not 3G/4G modem.

You can also search on the forum or create a post for asking.

Setup for Dual-SIM models

Some models have a built-in modem and support dual SIM cards, and the interface may be slightly different compare to one SIM card model.

Here take the GL-X3000 (Spitz AX) as an example. It supports "Dual SIM, Single Standby", which means it can hold two SIM cards for internet access, but only one SIM card can be active at a time, and the user can switch between them.

We recommend to turn off the router first, insert your SIM card into the slot, and then turn it on again.

On the left side of web Admin Panel -> INTERNET, Cellular sector.

When no SIM card is detected.

dual-sim, no sim

When a SIM card is inserted.

dual-sim, 5g sim

SIM card slot settings

Click current sim card.

dual-sim, current sim card

It will open the SIM card slot settings dialog box.

dual-sim, sim card slot settings

If two SIM cards are inserted, you can enable Auto Switch.

dual-sim, auto switch

Note: The Auto Switch feature does not immediately switch to another SIM card. On one hand, it takes time to confirm that the current SIM card cannot access the internet, and only after confirming this will it switch. On the other hand, the other SIM card is not in standby mode, so it also takes some time to activate it.

  • Auto Switch

    The Internet status is detected in the same way as the settings in the Multi-WAN page.

  • Failover Interval

    If Internet connection is still not available after failover, the device will switch back to the preferred SIM slot and will only retry failover after this interval.

    This option applies when both the preferred SIM card and the backup SIM card have no signal. If the preferred SIM card also has no signal, the device will switch to the backup SIM card and so on until one of the SIM cards has a signal.

    traffic statistics

  • Checking Preferred Slot Status Scheduled

    If this option is enabled, the device will try to switch back to the preferred SIM slot at the specified time. So that you can switch back to using the preferred SIM slot when its internet connection is available.

    When this feature is enabled, the device will attempt to switch to the preferred SIM at this set time each day, for example, this feature is intended to prevent the backup SIM from using too much data, and if the preferred SIM still has no signal, it will fail to switch to the backup SIM.

    traffic statistics

Traffic Statistics

traffic statistics

traffic statistics

Manual Setup

Click Manual Setup button, it will pop up the Cellular Settings dialog.

cellular settings

You can view or modify the cellular settings of the current SIM card. It also stores some pre-configured settings, and you can manually add configurations to the "Saved Settings" as well.


Please refer to the SMS tutorial.

SMS Forwarding

Please refer to the SMS Forwarding tutorial.

Modem Management

Click the button to go to modem management page.

modem management button

It includes information about the modem and AT commands.

modem management

Modem AT commands are instructions that are used to control modems.

When the 'Shortcut' option is selected as 'Manual command', you can enter the command to be executed in the 'AT Command' field.

The following AT Commands have been pre-set.

  • Request IMEI
  • Request QCCID
  • Request IMSI
  • Check Signal Quality
  • Reset modem
  • Operator Names
  • Request SIM card status

Carrier profile

You can save different profiles for the same or different carriers.

Click Manage profile


Add a new profile or save the current profile


Create the carrier own profile base on your needs


You can select a saved profile next time


Choose any profiles you needed


Signal Tower Lock

Click Signal Tower Lock.


Select an available signal tower and lock it.


The device may not be able to scan all towers when the Cellular interface is enabled.


If the locked tower does not match the band masking or APN parameters in the cellular settings, the cellular interface will not be able to connect to the Internet.

Here you can display the status of the lock.


Historical Signal Record

You can select INTERNET on the left side of the GL-inet admin panel, scroll down to the Cellular section on the right side and click on the icon to bring up the pop-up window Historical Signal values


Checking your router's signal strength can help you determine the quality of your Internet connection. If the quality of your internet connection is poor, you can try switching to get a better signal.

You can view Cellular's signal strength history by selecting different time frames.


Band Masking

You can check to the band signals by click view more in cells info and decide which band with stronger signal and which band with weaker signal. Then you can force your router just connect to bands you want or never connect to some bands you don't want.


Check Block or Open and select the below for bands you want to apply.



When Internet access is not available, the corresponding warning is displayed. To determine whether you can access the Internet or not, please go to Multi-WAN page.

  • Warning: The interface is connected, but the Internet can't be accessed with IPv4 protocol.

    Solution: Please check if the sim card has internet access in a smart phone.

IoT Certification

AT&T Certification

Click the link att device certification and input the device name, you can find it.



T-Mobile Certification

Click the link t-mobile device certification and choose 5G in Filter, you can find it.


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